How To Get Droves Of Other Sites To Link To You

In this article, you’re going to discover how to get other sites to link to you!

The benefits of getting these backlinks are twofold:

1) Traffic
Your prospects will follow these links from the other sites to your site – that means more traffic to your blog and more subscribers on your list. When you’re seeking out links for traffic, focus on getting links from busy sites in your niche.

2) Backlinks for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes
Even if you don’t get a lot of direct traffic from these links, they can still benefit you if the links are coming from relevant, high quality sites (especially those with a high Google Page Rank).

Although the exact Google search engine algorithm isn’t known, you can generally expect to rank better in Google (and other search engines) for your keywords if you have plenty of quality, one-way incoming links… especially from authority sites with a high PageRank¬ô (PR).

That’s because search engine optimization is based on onsite optimization (where you create content around your keywords, include your keywords in your title, etc) AND offsite optimization (when you get these backlinks).

Now let’s look at how you can get hundreds if not thousands of one-way incoming links pointing back to your site…

-Commenting on Blogs

One of the easiest ways to get links is by commenting on high-traffic blogs in your niche. So, how do you find these high-traffic blogs? The simple way is to search in Google for your keywords alongside the word
“blog.” Example:”marketing blogs”.

You can figure that those sites on the first few pages of Google for your niche’s top keywords are pulling in the most traffic – and so their blogs should be fairly busy.

And the best way to find out if a blog will send you traffic? Test it!

-Swapping Links (and Blogrolling)

You can swap blog links with other bloggers (AKA blogrolling), or you can swap general website links. Just be sure to choose high-quality sites (and preferably those with high traffic).

-Using Social Media Sites

Get backlinks by creating secondary blogs on social media sites (like and other content sites like, and similar. You may also post videos on sites like and link back to your site.

You can also get traffic and links coming back to your blog by using the social bookmarking sites like, and

-Participating on Forums

Participate in discussions on high-traffic niche forums. In some forums, you’ll get the benefits of backlinks for search engine optimization purposes. But in most cases, you’ll find the main benefit is that you get highly targeted prospects clicking directly on your links.

-Submitting Online Press Releases

While you likely traditionally think about press releases as showing up in print publications, many newspapers also print their entire paper (including those releases) online. And that means if your website link is included in your release, you’ll get a backlink.

However, even if the big newspapers don’t print your release, you can still get backlinks when you distribute your release through That’s because the release shows up on the site as well as its sister sites. And because there are webmasters and autobloggers who are pulling press
releases from the site automatically, you’re sure to get at least a few dozen backlinks every time you submit a release. But if you submit a good release, you could easily pick up 100 or more backlinks.

-Syndicating Your Content

If you set up a WordPress blog, then you already have the ability to syndicate your content using RSS (Real Simple Syndication). That means that your blog readers can subscribe to your blog, which delivers your content straight to their computer. But RSS also gives you an opportunity to get backlinks through sites that publish your RSS feed.

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